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Boat navigation is one of the most incredible and entertaining activities, in which if you're enough prepared and count with the necessary equipment and tools the fun and relax won't have ending. This section has been created to let you know some basics on this topic, if you're a novice, or you want to reinforce your knowledge if you're an experienced boater. We have to list two important things: Safety and tools.

Safety boat navigation

The navigation rules or collision avoidance regulations set a standard in order to avoid accidents between two or more vessels; it covers almost every imaginable sequence of events. Rules are divided into two: International and inland rules; both are almost the same except by some few differences. The responsibility for the observance of these rules won't exonerate any boat. Some of these rules are included in the sections described below.

Boat Navigation tools

In ancient times, mariners used to plot their courses according to the movement of the sun and other stars and major constellations but these references were not as exact as we needed; nowadays, navigation has made easier for everyone due to the development and creation of new equipment as the GPS (Global positioning system) a system that works through satellites and signals these satellites from the United States government, provides the precise information of your position (latitude, longitude, altitude) for navigation, and the best of all is that the service is free.

You don't need to have huge amounts of money to acquire equipment with GPS, there are other companies that based on this system develop several apps that are special for navigation. GPS units can be:

  • Battery powered, generally used by boaters in small boats or PWC.
  • Mountable or portable, those are bigger, and have more features also those are powered by batteries or external power.
  • Other GPS units are fixed mount that are permanently mounted in the boat and have larger displays.

Technology permeates to develop exact charts to download and be guided through your trip, you'll be more confident when exploring the open waters, and enjoy even more of the experience.

Discover Boating

Discover Boating

Whether if you're a novice or an experienced boater, remember that you discover boating each time you go on a trip. It's important to remember the basics always and consider the safety tips and all you need to enjoy of a trip alone, with family, or friends the most as you can. Boating is one of the most exiting activities you can do and in this section we help you to learn about it.


Holiday Activities

Sailing is one of the preferred activities of water lovers, if you like adventure and enjoy of adrenaline, it's perfect for you; in this section we include the basic information about sailing, to help you enjoy of this activity with safety and peace of mind. If you're just starting in sailing world, we included also information on sailboats such as its parts, and how to sail, just for a start point, because all things you should know you're going to get and learn only with some experience.

River Navigation

River Navigation

The section of river navigation provides information on the boating navigation around rivers, you need special care for it and we give you the basics for your boat trip. We included tips, precautions in case of risks, and the most popular and used boats for river navigation.

Now you know more about the boating activities that offer a lot of fun, why not starting doing one?

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