Boat Selling advice

In order to sell a boat, there are many things to take into account, for example, if you are going to hire a broker or sell it by yourself, maybe you want to price it and you have no idea how to do that, even you may like to pay for a newspaper announce. Here you will find more than a boat selling advice, so if you want to know how to sell a boat then this is the perfect site for you.

Internet is a great tool

If you announce your boat on mediums like classified ads, or TV commercials, you are going to have problems of space and time to explain all the details you wish to, nevertheless, if you announce on your options are going to be huge, here you can be very specific on your email and phone number, so you can be easily contacted and even better, you will not have to pay anything.

You may be asking yourself what is the reason to announce by internet, the answer is very simple, nowadays internet connects you with millions of people, and announcing on it is cheaper than doing on other media, so let us tell you another boat selling advice, use the internet.

Effective listings

When creating your listing, complete the forms as detailed as possible, especially, include all the information involving engines. For the description/condition and additional features, do a complete walkthrough of the boat and list the standard equipment and features area by area, be the most detailed you can but at the same time make your listing attractive to read and not incredibly long. Don't forget electronics, upgrades and information about the condition of the boat!

We recommend multiple photos to enhance your description, buyers love to see pictures of what they may buy. Take pictures of several areas, including the engines room, staterooms, several angles of the boat itself, the deck, the condition of the hull, and everything that you think is going to improve your boat description.

Asking a fair price for your boat is extremely important, nobody will buy it if they can find a similar one for much less. Keep in mind that in certain areas of the country season also plays a factor, and that a boat may be worth less at the end of one boating season that the beginning of the next. If you do not know how to price your boat, you can compare it to similar boats you may find online or calling brokers, or even owners.

The selling process

Listing your boat is only the beginning of the selling process, nevertheless once it is listed, try to respond the inquiries as quickly as possible. Your buyers are accustomed to the quick response they receive from professionals, and you will be competing with them.

You may be asked for additional photos of specific areas of your boat, or additional information about the condition, so try to satisfy your customer's needs. If you find that you have missed something in your description or are regularly asked for a photo of a specific feature, you are always welcome to return to and modify your listing, free of charge.


Our work ends when you contact directly with the boat seller, so please be aware of fraud by contact if possible by phone or/and in person