Types of Boats

Types of boats

The world of boats is very ample. There is a wide-range of boats for all the needs and tastes. According to how you are thinking to use the boat, it is for sure you will find one. We intend here to provide you with useful information about the different types of boats, in order you have a clear idea of the characteristics and uses of each one. Reading the info in this section, of each one of the types of boats can help you to decide to get one of them.

If you are thinking on getting a boat, some of the decisive factors that can influence the purchasing or renting, are definitely the price and size of the boat, but also the using of it. This is an essential issue, and why not the most important to take into account to get a boat?

If you want to purchase a boat, whether it be new or of second hand, then you need to be clear about the different purposes for your boat. For example, if you are a person who loves fishing, then you must look for a strong, durable, and stable boat. If you love paddling on the water, then a kayak is the best option. In addition, sometimes you will need to decide for a more specific type of boat. For instance, if you are a saltwater fisherman, you will need a different boat than one that a freshwater fisherman needs.

Besides, if you are looking for a speed boat, then you can consider getting a V bottom (or a semi V power) boat. This kind of boats is designed to go on board in bays, lakes, rivers, etc. On the contrary if you prefer a little speed, you can take into account the Dory model boats.

Furthermore, there are many features to look for, depending on the type of boat, one of them is the storage. It is good you make sure that the boat has the adequate dry storage for conserving clothes, safety gear, among other items. So depending on the use there will be special characteristics to look for.

Among the variety of boats that we have included here, it is for sure that you will find one that you are looking for. Some of them are the houseboats that are similar to the motor yacht. This slow-pace boat has plentiful of space. These are the perfect boat for bringing the whole family on board.


The sailboat is the most tranquil among the types of boats. To choose one, you have to consider if you plan to stay on the water overnight, or if you prefer a daily sailing. Also, you have to consider the number of people that will go with you on it. You can decide to get a Sloop, the most common type of sailboats, the Catamaran or multi-hull boat, among others.

On the other hand cruisers provide all that a person needs for entertaining, and living with great amenities as full-bath, kitchen, sleeping quarters, kitchen, etc.

The previous is just an example of the wide variety of boats.

So, in order to select a craft, you can make a list of the best three activities you want to use the boat for. Then, the next step will be choosing a boat that fits your expectations and needs.