Boat Renting Advice

If you want to rent a boat, whether it is for a day, a weekend or for a week, you have several essential guidelines to consider at the moment to hire a boat. We want to provide you with the best information that will help you to enjoy your holidays. Here, you will find tips to avoid some problems or unpleasant situations that can appear during the process of hiring a boat, or already aboard it that could ruin your boating experience. So find here more than a boat renting advice.

After choosing the type of boat, destination, and the period in which you want to carry out the charter or lease, you must take into consideration the following aspects:

When and where

When choosing a destination, it is very important to take into account the season of the year, because many destinations are more expensive in summer or spring. However, some destinations such as the Mediterranean take better into account the demand peak. Thus, it may be advisable to consider this and other destinations in medium or low seasons like May or October. It is also important to choose the destination before even deciding on the season.

Goal or task

The activity you will do when hiring a boat can be a determining factor when choosing a destination. Thus, there can be many heavenly locations where the target may be only sailing, know the culture, gastronomy and, ultimately, holidays and enjoyment. In other cases, you can search for more specific activities such as scuba diving or surfing, for which, you have to choose specific seasons that offer the right conditions. It is usual for example: embark on the Aegean in August and find, apart from the sun and the absence of rain, appropriate days for sailing.

Duration of hire

Boat rentals can be made at different periods of time, especially in low and middle seasons. In high season, when demand is higher, companies prefer to rent for periods of one week. However, you must take into account that although the rent is for seven days, the boat must be anchored in port in the last night in order to the landlord to have time to leave the boat ready for the next reservation. Often, this causes many misunderstandings that can be avoided reading the contract before the date of boarding.

Outside the high season, companies are more flexible with the lease time by not having this emergency that occurs with increased demand.

Choose the appropriate boat

The choice of a boat depends on our preference for sailing or motor, budget, group size and other important factors. Keep in mind that for groups of 6 or more people, the experience can be better and more economical on a ship than in an apartment or hotel, but the comfort will decrease as the group increases. If we choose a boat with crew, we should bear in mind that they should have a space for the night. Take into account also the type of cabins to share, if they are double or single and if the people who will share the cabin are compatible or not, etc

We encourage you to bear in mind each boat renting advice that we have presented you here.