Durham Boat

Durham boat

In the 1750, the Durham Boat Company designed a large wooden boat that was named as the Durham boat.This company created flat-bottomed boats with high vertical side and keels to transport the products produced by the Durham Mills and Durham Forges to Philadelphia, New Jersey and Trenton, through the Delaware River.These types of boats were approximately 18 meters long by 2.4 meters wide by 1.100 millimeters deep.

A modification of the Durham boat was very important to operations between the Hudson River to Lake Ontario.The Durham boats were designed to carry up a maximum load of two tons while traveling upstream and 20 tons while traveling downstream.The largest Durham boats could carry up 150 barrels of flour or 20 tons of iron downstream.
During the American Revolution, these boats were famous because they were used in Washington's crossing of the Delaware River, and after the revolution, these types of boats continued to carry up large amounts of cargo between Trenton and Philadelphia, through the Delaware River until the Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal was completed in 1832.

Durham boat model
A Durham boat could transport products such as pig-iron, timber, ore, and produce from upcountry farms, forests and mines down the Delaware River to the important market in Philadelphia and port, and Philadelphia was considered as the second in the value of its exports and imports.

The Durham boats were also known as Schenectady boats because these boats were the watercrafts on the waterway between Lake Ontario and the Hudson River, and the eastern terminus of this waterway was in Schenectady.

A large number of merchants searched boats to transport products and get their fortunes, and several of them such as Mahlon Taylor made their fortunes, specially transporting resources down the Delaware River to the important markets in Philadelphia using Durham boats.

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