Boat demand

Have you heard that the boat industry sales rose these last years? Well, this is true. Definitely, last year the sales of new boats and boating accessories have increased according to the National Marine Manufacturing Assn (NMMA). The humble pontoon, a lake dwelling vessel with a power motor, was the most sold boat last year. Although the previous data is for United States, the scenery for the boat industry is similar in other countries. Along with the boat demand, nowadays it is possible to find more websites with boat buying ads; that is why here we are going to talk about these two subjects.

More than 527, 000 pontoons were sold to U.S. consumers in 2011, and it is expected that in 2012 the good sales numbers be similar. A special thing to take into account is that these boats are especially for fun. It can show the preferences of people at the moment to buy a boat.

Furthermore, the large number of websites that allow boaters to see the boat online and its characteristics help to make of the buying process an easy one. For instance here in our website, if you want to buy a new or used boat, you can visit our section "New Boats" and see a list of new boats to buy one. The buying ads come from around the world. You can see also the characteristics and info about the boat you select. You can contact the seller if you want more info and more specifications.

We intend here, to present you with useful info about boating, that is why we invite you to visit the following sections:

Renting a boat

Buy a Boat

Find here essential and comprehensive information about buying a boat, such as boat buying advices, the reasons to buy a boat, how to buy a boat safety and info about boat loans. If you are new in the boating world, then the info here can be really helpful to you. Would you like to know things such as how to finance your new boat?, how to avoid fraud in the purchase? and what other things to consider when buying a boat? Then we strongly recommend you to visit this section.

Buying a boat

Rent a Boat

As the buying process, renting a boat demands of you taking some steps in order to rent successfully a boat. Read topics related to the kind of boats you can rent (yachts, pontoons, etc), boat renting advice, boat renting safety, etc. In order to rent a boat you have to select the type of boat, the season when you have a boat trip, etc. There are also some important things you have to consider to rent a boat. Would you like to rent successfully one? Then read the info here.

Boat auctions

Boat Auctions

Boat auctions are another alternative to buy your boat. Buyers of boats can find used and rarely new boats. These auctions take place in harbors, marinas, etc, and are organized by a group of sellers. People who want to get a boat can choose from a wide variety that can be found in these auctions. In this section we present you with information about the boat auctions process, the auctions organized by governments and yacht auctions. Read more info in this section.

Boat Show Miami Beach 2008

Boat Show

The boat shows are events realized throughout the year. People interested in buying a boat can find first-hand and second-hand boats. So they can choose from a variety of options. Boat buyers can find attractive prices that manufactures offer just in these events. Such events are organized in the United States. Some of the most popular are the Seattle boat show, the Houston boat show, the Chicago boat show, etc. Would you like to know more? Then, visit this section.

As we said the boat demand has increased recently, and maybe you are one of those people who want to buy or rent a boat to enjoy of the unique experience that boating offers, then we encourage you to visit the previous sections to be well informed. Then, don't doubt more and have a great time on board.