Boat Fuel

When you buy a boat it is important that you know how much fuel you are going to use on it. Remember that depending of the engine and the model of the boat the fuel needed is going to vary, so it is important that you ask for information about boat fuel and the performance of the boat per gallon to the boat seller.

Fueling a boat can be pretty hard and any mistake can be punished with high fines if you decide to do it by yourself. It is a must that you fuel the boat carefully because when you start to fill a fuel tank several vapors that might injure your health escape. As such a dangerous procedure there is a safety standard precaution that must be followed to ensure the correct boat fuel procedure:

  • Check the system: you must check for leaks and lose fittings because you are working with fuel and every care is important. Also if there is a leak you are going to have to fix it, or if you find that the boat smells like gasoline you have to notify to the authorities and empty your boat immediately just to make sure that there is no risk that something happened.
  • Do not overfill the boat tank: once you are sure that there are not leaks and that there are no lose fittings, you have to fill the boat tank carefully part by part. Learn how the tank of the boat sounds when it is almost full.
  • Perhaps the most basic recommendation but it is the better one, turn of any resource of fire and avoid been close to cigarette.

If you do not want to risk yourself by filling your own tank, contract someone or contact the marina so that they can provide the fueling service.