Boat Insurance Providers

If one of your preferred activities is boating, then it is for sure you want to take care of your boat, but also of yourself and of those people on board. If you want to enjoy at the most of your boat trip, then you have to purchase boat insurance, but where to get it? Boat insurance providers are companies that offer insurance coverage for boats. In order to choose one, you have to look for a provider with certain qualities such as good reputation. Here we provide you with a list of the most excellent companies.

Qualities you must look for in a boat insurance provider

Keep in mind that boat insurance companies provide protection for you, the people on board, and of course for your boat. Because of there are some situations in which your boat can be damaged, for instance by a storm, accident, etc you need to purchase insurance coverage. We encourage you to contact a company that has the following qualities:

  • Reputation and stability. Currently there are many ways to know if a company owns a good reputation, so look for comments of clients about the services. On the other hand, research also about the financial stability of it.
  • Excellent customer service. As a customer you will like to be treated well, but also receive assistant as soon as you need, that is why that one of the things you need to look for is an insurance provider with a large network of offices and emergency services.
  • Type of coverage options. Look for companies that offer a wide range of options in order you choose the best ones for you.
  • Price. Here you can balance between the price and the coverage the provider offers to you. Not always a high price means best quality.

Insurance providers

  • Boat U.S. This agency has gained a strong reputation during the 45 years that it is offering its service to boaters. It offers low cost insurance, but with high quality services. It can attend you 24/7, right when you need. If you are member, you can also get discounts at over 900 marinas (in fuel, repairs, etc.). You can find the right policy for your boating lifestyle: Yacht, boat saver, etc.
  • Global Marine Insurance Agency. This agency is licensed to give insurance coverage to the boating community in 48 states of U.S. It allows people to get online quotes. It provides one of the best marine insurance options, and along the time it has gained strong reputation. It offers yacht insurance, boat insurance, sailboat insurance, etc.
  • National Marine Underwriters. Since 1983, this agency offers Marine insurance. Focusing in one type of insurance allows them to concentrate their efforts in this kind of insurance. It offers online real-time quotes. You can also contact directly with them if you have a question during the quotation process.
  • Pantaenius. The Pantaenius group insurance specializes in three areas of insurance as yacht insurance, corporate insurance and online yacht insurance. The yacht insurance is offered in UK, Mediterranean, Austria, Scandinavia and America. It also covers accidental risks that damage the yacht of 8.23 meters length or longer.
  • Progressive. It offers a variety of insurances including boat insurance, home insurance, car insurance and much more. Progressive makes boat insurance easy. You can visit the website and get an online quote and print your insurance card. The insurance policy comes with many options for specialized coverage. Get here total loss replacement, roadside assistance, etc.

The above are just one of the best boat insurance providers, so you can contact them in order to purchase boat insurance. Search for information and choose the most convenient service that allows you to enjoy of your boat trip.