Tracker boat

Tracker boats started in 1978 with the new boat designed by Johnny Morris, this boat revolutionized the industry with incomparable quality and inspiring trust in the customers. Nowadays Tracker Boat Centers are located in several places where they offer the most popular and important supplies for outdoor gears, especially fishing boats.

For over 30 years of experience, from the creation of the Bass Tracker (by Johnny Morris), with the characteristics every fisherman could wish (fully accessorized with mercury outboard, minn Kota trolling motor, lowrance fish finder, interstate batteries, an aerated live well system, and trailer package) for a boat ready to use. Thanks to the succeed it has, Tracker opened officially, and continued with the expansion in several localities; the company was always recognized by the innovation, by including aluminum in the fishing boats, the quality and affordability when comparing with other fishing boat manufacturers.

The company understands the complicated process of buying a boat, and it started from the foundation with Johnny Morris, who as a professional fisherman had to deal with it; there are many components that are sold separately, so the production started by doing things easier for boat owners. By including all necessary components to the boats, of unmatched quality and value, so customers could trust in the product, it's one of the main reasons why from the beginning it became America's favorite boats.

Tracker boats are the indicate, whether for novice and experts boat lovers; not only because the boats are ready to use at the moment you buy them (they include all component necessary), but also due to the great warranties they give you because peace of mind and safety are very important, they offer their boats with a transferable limited lifetime warranty that covers the boat and even the components.

The use of aluminum is well known among boat owners, that's why most f them prefer buying Tracker boats due to the solid body, attractive design, and long lasting; if you're looking for a new or used fishing boat, we can recommend these boats, as any other owner, you must just search a boat that could fit your needs in our website and the quality is ensured. Some of the series produced by Tracker are:

Tracker Bass & Panfish Mod V Boats

  • Pro 165
  • Panfish 16
  • Pro Team 175 TF/TXW
  • Pro Team 190 TX

Tracker Multi-Species Deep V Boats

  • Super Guide V-16 SC
  • Pro Guide V-16 SC /WT
  • Pro Guide V-175 SC /WT/Combo
  • Pro Guide V-18 WT/Combo

Tracker All-Welded Jon Boats

  • GRIZZLY 1648 SC
  • GRIZZLY 1754 SC
  • GRIZZLY 1860 SC/Jon/CC
  • GRIZZLY 2072 SC
  • GRIZZLY 1448 SC

Tracker Riveted Jon & Utility Boats

  • Topper 1036 Riveted Jon
  • Topper 1032 Riveted Jon
  • Topper 1236 Riveted Jon
  • Topper 1436 Riveted Jon
  • Topper 1532 Riveted Jon
  • Topper 1542 LW Riveted Jon

If you want to buy a Tracker boat, you can be sure that it's a good deal, especially if it's for fishing because no one knows these find of boats like Tracker with the experience they have, quality and value are ensured; that's why they have become number-one-selling fishing boats for several years.