Boat Parts

Every person that buys a boat has to know the names of the part of his new acquisition because there are going to be times where the boat is going to need maintenance and the technician that is going to take care of it will talk you about the machine problems using the proper names of the boat parts. So it is up to you to be informed and avoid any embarrassment situation while the boat maintenance.

Here we are going to provide you the best information available about the boat parts, so check the listing for getting the most important information about boats.

Boat Parts

Propeller of boats

Most of the boats today use a motor, but there are several ones that work with men power. The propeller is a part of the engine (motor) that gives propulsion to the boat so it can be able to move. It is a special type of fan that depending of the size of the boat can vary in size.

The propeller make a rotational movement to transmit kinetic power to the boat, it also depends of the quality of the engine because as the propeller move faster the boat can reach higher velocities.

The propeller is considered as one of the most important parts of the boat that is why this part has to be maintenance as frequent as possible.

boat propeller

Bimini tops

The bimini tops are used by some kind of boat models, most of them open-front ones. They are generally supported by a metal frame and are pretty recommended at the boat that has the front open because they are not permanent and can cover the passengers from the sun and rain if it is needed.

boat bimini

Motor of boats

Depending of the kind of boat that you bought this is going to vary, generally the smaller boats has an outboard motor and the largest boats has inboard motors.

motor of a boat

Motors are as the propellers a pretty important part of boats because without it the boat will not be able to move. Remember that maintenance is pretty important.

Motor control and steering

Steering is the part of the bout that controls the direction of the boat, and as said before the motor provide the force of movement, these two items are in close relationship because without them the boat will not be able to move or have any direction. If you find any troubles in the direction it is important that you take your boat to maintenance if you have no experience but if you are pretty sure about what you know about motors and the parts of the boat do it by yourself, always following the security codes in order to avoid any risk of been injured.

control of a boat

Boat Bow

Boats have different parts that vary according to the model, but there are some that are not going to change ever. The Bow of the boat is known as the front part of a boat, because it is the arc that allows this transportation to navigate and break the waves that it is going to face.


The starboard of a boat like the bow is a part of a boat that does not vary. The right side of the boat it is known as the starboard. The term starboard can use for orientation because if the word right is used while a critical situation everyone will go to their right. That is the principal use of the term starboard.


The port of a boat is pretty similar to the starboard but in meaning it is the opposite. Left or port is also used for orientation to avoid any confusion of the crew while in a difficult situation. It is also the side that is used to aboard the boat.


The hull is the most important part of the boat, it is an internal network that cover the boat or commonly known as the body of a vessel. The body of the boat is the structure where people travel, it is important that you take care of this part by giving it a regular cleaning.


The gunwale of a boat is the superior part of the hull, which is closer to the water by a side.


The cleat is a device that is used to secure the rope in a boat, it is important because there are no other tools for securing a rope in a boat beside it.


The anchor is a tool made of metal that helps the boat to be stable in one place, avoiding any movement that the waves or the wind may produce. The size of the anchor depends of the size of the boat because as much size the boat has the anchor has to be bigger. There are two types one that is permanent and bigger that does not move and the one that is for staying for a while in a place.

boat anchor