Boat Safety

Boat safety is a very important topic in order to keep the crew safe all the time. Sailing and enjoying the view and the cold breeze on your face is just unique, but at the same time are dangerous and even more if you do not use the proper security equipment.

There are many things you can do to improve boat safety, for example, just checking the oil levels on the engine is a first step, nevertheless it is very important that everybody understand how important boat safety is. Imagine sailing over the ocean, this time you decide to go even further than usual and suddenly you are not able to see the coast, what can you do? You can check your compass, your radar, or even your radio in order to know how to get back, but what would happen if you are out of energy and you do not have a simple compass, what would happen if the weather is not the best and somebody falls, this may become a trouble.

On this site you are going to find a lot of information about several important boat safety topics, so click on each one of them and get all the info you can, always remember that safety is first, so it is more important to take onboard all the necessary security equipment than any other things.

image of children safety

Children and Boating Safety

There are many things to take into account when we talk about children and boating safety, the first thing to know is that kids must follow some rules to keep them safe, a boat is not a playground, so they must behave. Here you will find plenty of information to know how to keep them secure, advices, some rules and more. Remember to take a look at your country's regulations in order to take care of them and also avoid tickets.

image of boat rope

Taking Care of Rope

Ropes on a sailboats or similar are extremely important, and also to tie your boat to the pier. On this section you will find a lot of information to know how to take care or your ropes, the correct way they should be stored, when is a good time to replace any of them, how to clean them, and more. So if you are looking for information to enhance your rope's lifetime, then this is the perfect website.

image of boat fuel consumption

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Nowadays it is very important to reduce the environmental contamination, so in order to accomplish this, reducing fuel consumption is very important. There are many things you can do in order to reduce your fuel consumption, for example reduce your boat's speed, distribute the weight correctly, cleaning the hull and more. On this section you are going to find plenty of advices and information to reduce fuel consumption.

image of floating device

Personal Flotation Devices

Personal flotation devices, also called PFD, are extremely important at any boating activity, they are created to help you survive in case of accidents, and are a must on every boat. On this section you will find information about PFD's classification as well as info about each one of the types. Remember all the time that a personal flotation device only works if it is being used, so just having in onboard is not enough.

Sailing is a passionate sport on water that require be prepared, and also know some basic recommendations and concepts. We invite you to know more about sailing and boats visiting the previous and other sections in our website.