Reduce Fuel Consumption

Nowadays fuel consumption reduction is extremely important in order to take care of our planet, on big ships, reduce fuel consumption turns really visible on the money spent, you should know that for them, fuel is the second biggest expense after salaries.

Now let's take a look at some of the most important things to take into account to reduce fuel consumption:

Ship parameters

The ship parameters are basically its form, the engines it uses, the form of the hull and its weight. Airplanes designs are always oriented to reduce the air resistance as much as possible, but at the same time, be big enough to carry the needed quantity or people to generate profit, the same goes for ships but water is not only the factor, but also air.

To keep the ship parameters on optimal conditions, you can clean and paint the hull, take into account that paint quality is also important, so make numbers and review if using better paint quality would be beneficial, also try to avoid having too much weight onboard, if you do not know how much your boat can have, then ask the dealer or ask to owners of similar boats.


The speed you sail is also important in order to reduce fuel consumption, speedometer will usually indicate the optimal speed, nevertheless this indicator is not always the most accurate, some people prefer to sail at a little smaller speed that shown as optimal on speedometer, about 10% less, and experience fuel savings up to 20%.

Most of fishing boats experience optimal fuel consumption sailing a bit slower than the indicated as optimal speed, nevertheless, you should know that going to slow can also damage the engine. Finally, diesel engines are more effective than others, they produce more power for the fuel consumed, so before buying your boat, among other things, take into account the engine it has.

Planning your route

Plan your route and timing

If you are not taking the shortest route to sail to your destination, then you are spending unnecessary fuel and money, it is always important to know which route to take, as well as the approximate amount of time that it will take, that way you can improve your routes and also timing, as well as fuel consumption efficiency.

Planning your route and timing is also important to take advantage of the best winds and tides, so if you have experience on the area you sail, use it, if you do not know the area, you can use forecast services, take a look at the online free forecasting services or simply, ask the locals.


If your boat goes too heavy, then it will spend more fuel, nevertheless at the same time some boats should experience a better fuel consumption going overloaded. How can this happen? Actually the answer is on weight distribution, fuel consumption reduction goes by the hand with the weight distribution on your boat, so take a while to review your boat specifications and see how the weight should be distributed. Remember that if you are sailing short distances, you can carry just the necessary fuel amount. By the way, never take out the safety equipment in order to ease the weight.