Boat Show

Boat Show

A boat show is an event where boat sellers exhibit different types of watercrafts. Prospective clients should visit this type of show as part of their research to buy their dreamed boats. It is a good opportunity to find several offers and choose a boat from a great variety of options. Boat shows are opened throughout the year. This show is one of the most important events to be held in the boating industry. Many boat sellers organize boat shows around the United States; it is probably that each state has one. The best season to organize and visit boat shows is on summer. Most people enjoy spending time in activities like this.

This event is a terrific place to learn more about boats and comparison shop. It gives you the opportunity to see a wide selection of vessels from many manufacturers, all in one place. Boat manufacturers often depend on boat shows for a great proportion of their annual volume. This is the reason why boat buyers can find very attractive prices that manufactures may never offer again. People can usually find first-hand and second-hand boats as well as marine equipment in a show. There are several reasons to visits this type of event. It is not just fun for boat buyers but also for many other people seeking entertainment.

There are several boat shows, but the best will be listed in the following paragraphs. These shows are a good starting point to buy a boat; you can also attend a boat auction or consult a boat manufacturer.

Seattle Boat show

This is one of the most popular boat shows around the United States. It usually runs from January to February each year. In fact, it is the largest show in the west coast. It is an ideal place to find new and used boats with highly attractive prices. If you visit this place on your vacation, you can find confortable hotels and many others establishments to make your stay the best experience in your life.

Houston Boat Show

It is a successful show in this state. It usually begins the last week of January. Cruisers and outboards are usually the major part of the show. It is considered the largest outdoor show in the Gulf coast. This show offer hundreds of fishing, traveling and boating displays. It has all you need to spend a whole day in its facilities.

Chicago Boat Show

This show offers several attractions such as boating, fishing, sailing and other water sports. Its boat exhibition usually show new boat models. It is a great opportunity to compare, save or ship boats. It begins the first week in January in Chicago, Illinois. Visitors will find the best facilities to enjoy their stay in this event.

Boston Boat Show

This show was rebranded as Boston Snow Machine and Ice Fishing Show. However, it still exhibit some boats. You can visit it the first week of January every year.

Atlantic City Boat Show

It is considered the best place to buy and see boats. It includes different events such as scuba diving, boat docking challenge and boat races. You can visit this show with your family, they will find it very fun. It starts the first week of February.

Dallas Boat Show

This popular event is realized at the end of January in Dallas. It is held for two weeks at the Dallas Convention Center. You can find more than 200 colorful yachts, fishing boats and water-sky boats. The summer show is also very well-known with local mariners.

Detroit Boat Show

This show begins the second week of February every year. It takes place at Cobo Center in Detroit. Visitors can buy their tickets online. There are no problems to find a place to stay if you want to be there during the fest.

NY Boat Show

It is one of the most important boat shows in the east coast. There are many attractions for the whole family. You will find several offers to purchase a boat. It takes place the first week of January. Admissions are 14 dollars per adult and child don't pay a ticket.

Tampa Boat Show

This show is characterized for exhibiting different models of yachts. It starts the last week of September. One can buy boats and other water equipment. Many manufactures exhibit their new models to prospective clients.

Baltimore Boat Show

It runs the first week of February. People can find in this show their dreamed boats. There are hundreds of boats in exhibition. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) produces this show, so you will have a lot of fun guaranteed.