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Would you like to discover more about the boat world? Then, you must know that this section has been written specially for you! Here, we have gathered all the information that can be useful for you, whether you are a new or experience boater. First, we are going to talk about how boats have evolved in the last years, and about some differences related to the materials, the techniques and the methods that are used to build a boat. Well, let's start to discover and learn more about crafts.


Among the things that have changed in the boat world, are the materials used to build boats. They have evolved and improved with new and better methods of production. Thanks to these materials, it is possible to get more reliable boats, and those that can last more years.

The materials from which the boats are built are:

  • Wood. This is the original material to build boats. Currently few crafts in the market are made of wood. One of the best natural woods for marine use is "Teak". One of the reasons why few modern boats use this material for their hulls is because wood tends to break with impact.
  • Metal. Currently, metal is still the best choice to make boats for long distance trips and for fishing (big crafts). Also, metal is used by its strength and resistance to impacts. Alternative materials are steel and aluminum. One of the things that damages metal boats is the corrosion, steel it is a good choice to avoid it. Besides, the aluminum boats are good for not large fishing boats, for its lightweight.
  • Fiberglass. This material is not prone to corrosion. Now, boats of fiberglass use wooden frames.

Techniques and methods

The techniques of navigation have evolved along the years. The changes are related to the localization of the position of one, compared to patterns or known locations.

Referring the modern navigation, it relies basically on the positions that are established by electronic receivers that collect information from satellites, and sometimes it relies on crossing LOPs (lines of position). One of the things that a LOP refers is a line between an object and the observer.

There are new methods of navigations that have differences from the older ones, which are not often used today. An example of an old method is dipping a light to estimate which is the range from the observer and the lighthouse.

Some of the most common methods of navigation are as follows:

  • Dead reckoning (DR). This method is used in marine navigation to know the position of the boat.
  • Celestial navigation. This method has evolved over years and has helped boaters and sailors cross oceans without the dependency of estimated calculations. It uses measurements between a celestial body (from which the sun is the most used) and the visible horizon.
  • Pilotage. It involves to navigate a boat in restricted waters, and to fix its position as exactly as possible at intervals.

On the other hand, the electronic navigation covers all the methods of position using electronic forms. Among them are:

  • Satellite navigation. Here, artificial earth satellite systems (such as GPS) are used to establish the position.
  • Radar navigation. It is another method to establish the distance to objects using radar.
  • Radio navigation. Here, it is used the radio waves to establish the position.

Similarly than the differences between the boats from the past and today, there is essential information about the boat world you can know. The following are the main subjects you can read about in this section:

Sailing lessons

Sailing Schools

Taking lessons in a sailing school, will allow you to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge about sailing. Whether you are a new or an experience sailor, you will be able to get new abilities and improve the ones you have. There are sailing schools with great and experienced instructors from which you can learn a lot. We invite you to visit this section to learn more.

Boating magazines

Boating Magazines

There are excellent boating magazines where you can find interesting information related to sailing, water sports, fishing, and much more. Some of these magazines are "Canoe & Kayak Magazine", for people who like kayaking, canoeing, etc, "Sea Magazine", dedicated to boating and cruising for nearly 100 years, etc. Read info about these and other magazines here.

Boating and fishing

Boat Activities

If you are thinking to do some boating activities, then you have a wide-range of options. You can navigate through a river appreciating the beautiful scenery, or you can sail. Also, If you want to spend an awesome time with your family, you can go on board in a family boat and you can also combine boating and water sports to have full diversion. Read more info here.

Boating tips

Boating Tips

If you are starting to sail, it is for sure you are learning new concepts such as those about docking boat, line handling, etc. Also, when you learn to operate a boat, you practice to steer by compass, anchor a boat, etc. In this section, we provide you with info related to the previous subjects, and also with safety tips for boating and info related to boat transportation.

Types of boats

Types of Boats

According to what you want to use the boat for, you will have to choose from a large number of types of boats, one that fits your needs. If you love fishing then you can need to get a boat that be strong and durable. Also, if you are looking for a speed boat, a V bottom boat will be perfect for you. Find in this section, different kind of boats.

Manufacturers of boats

Boat Manufacturers

If you want to get a boat, then looking for information about the boat manufacturers is a good idea. Currently, there are many boat makers that offer their service, some of them have many years in the market. Among the most recognized manufacturers are Sea Ray, Bayliner, Malibu, etc. If you want to read information about them, we invite you to visit this section.

If you like boating, then the previous and all the sections that we present you with in our website can result interesting for you. We hope you enjoy it at all!