Houseboat Insurance

A houseboat is a boat designed to be used as a dwelling house, not all the houseboats are motorized, because some are stationary due to the size, other are tethered to land to provide services. Houseboats range from modest and simple models to luxury models; some people use it as home, but other use these vehicles for recreation. Having a houseboat provides you a grand lifestyle, if you want to enjoy of it without worries you should think immediately on houseboat insurance.

Speed Boat Insurance

A houseboat provides your family invaluable memories, it's what makes of this vehicle more than a simple boat, it's your true home away from home and to protect it, however, many boaters get confused about how to go about properly insuring their boats, because this kind of boat cannot have a standard insurance. Let's look at some of the basics, how to get the best policy and good value for your money. Agencies can offer specific insurance programs to cover your insurance needs and they are able to insure your floating home with comprehensive insurance policies.

If ou don't have yet a houseboat, but you're planning to buy one, there are companies that insure complete security with your acquisition, but the coverage is mainly on the houseboat itself. Many people buy other items for the comfort during the trips, such as electronics for kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc; in this cases some companies do not include them in the coverage.

You need to do some research and contact a company that could include those electronics and other personal items that could be damaged on a trip due to storms or thunder hits. It's also important to ask about covering other people accidents in the boat or during a trip.

As the houseboat is usually considered by insurer as a party boat, some of them include the boat in the category of jet skis and speed boats; however, at the moment of writing policies it's important to look that the policy could ensure the boat according to your needs and your budget. House boat insurance is a unique product in the marketplace, and some important statements you must look for your boat are:

  • Uninsured third party, you need to protect you and your boat in case of an accident caused by other boat that is uninsured.
  • A comprehensive insurance should cover the cost of any accident you may have, if you caused it or not, such as: theft, impact, sinking, fire and damage from storms, malicious acts or transportation.
  • After any accident or if the boat requires reparation, it's possible that you'll need to tow it to a safe place; the towing cover will protect you from related costs.
  • The Spillage liability cover will pay the costs when your fuel tank causes a spillage, including any fines incurred, as long as you can prove you were unaware of any leak or damage to your tanks; otherwise, you're responsible.
  • The personal liability covers when somebody has an accident while on your vessel, you will be liable for their medical treatment and costs.
  • The houseboat insurance policies can include insuring your personal belongings, such as those that you buy to make of your houseboat a comfortable place.

You should contact different insurance agencies to get insurance quotes and compare them to decide which you can use.