Jet Ski Insurance

When people own a jet ski, they don't consider the necessity of acquiring a jet ski insurance probably because it could be used only during certain seasons of the year; or because according to law, there is no specific requirement for an owner to have insurance, however having a jet ski insurance will be compulsory if you notice the quantity of accidents involving Jet skis.

What accidents can be caused by jet skis? Well it's not a difficult questions, among most common are included: drowning, burns, head injuries, hypothermia, paralysis, broken bones, poisoning with carbon monoxide, and more

Generally, a Jet Ski insurance coverage is extensive, it includes both your jet-ski in case there's some damage and your liabilities to other people, including passengers; for example if you lend your jet ski to a friend and he/she breaks his/her arm, the insurance will cover not only the damage but also the medical bills. Or in case your jet-ski needs reparation after an accident, the insurance will cover the reparation and your medical bills in case you get hurt.

If you wonder, then why it's so important to have jet-ski insurance if it's not something I use regularly and it's not established by law, well, incidents involving jet skis occur frequently that's why many owners opt for insurance as a useful form of protection. This vehicle is very attractive to thieves, so insurance can care of your precious boat and they surely know how to steal your jet-ski in few minutes.

Jet Ski insurance

You should know that standard boat insurance won't cover the use of your jet ski, and then a special insurance will give you total peace of mind because it'll cover most eventualities. Remember that although it's not obligatory; it's better to have a policy that you don't need than to need a policy that you don't have.

If you are looking for an insurance to suit all eventualities, you should look for:

  • All risk coverage, that provide cover for accidental physical damage including fire, vandalism, collision with another craft or a submerged object, glass damage, storm damage, auto accident, and more.
  • Cost Coverage: Replacement Cost coverage provides that if your jet ski is robed after purchase, the company will buy you a brand new version of the same no matter if the cost is higher.
  • Medical Payments: Your insurance will cover no-fault medical payments for injuries.

A Jet Ski insurance that covers you in the event that you're at fault, property damage you cause in someone else's property.

If a third part is at fault and they don't have insurance

A jet ski is considered extreme, due to the high speeds involved when one practice jet skiing or other water sports, that's why it's important to acquire a special insurance because any other standard insurance covers it. You'll need an insurance called personal watercraft insurance which is different from common boat insurance

Don't let the fear of not having an adequate insurance take you apart from the enjoyment of riding your jet ski or sharing this experience with your family and friends. If you want to know what exactly includes your Jet Ski insurance, then you must consult that with the company because insurances are offered according to plans and it'll depend on the money you can afford to pay for it.