PWC Insurance

Personal watercrafts (PWC) are inboard engine crafts that attracts several water sports enthusiasts, this recreational watercraft allows you to ride stand on rather than inside of the boat, you can ride it alone, or with company, the bigger PWC has enough space for two or three peopole, there are even four-passenger models.

It's important to acquire a Personal watercraft insurance to insure you, and your watercraft against accidents, theft and liability, so you can enjoy the fullest your ride. If you wonder what should cover PWC insurance at least, we suggest some of the most important policies:

  • You, of course is the most important part to cover against many common liability losses.
  • Damage to another craft or dock whether if you are operating the PWC or not.
  • Situations that cause injuries or death to another person, whether if they're due to an accident or your negligence; or if it's caused by another driver while using your PWC.
  • Other water sports enthusiasts injured using your craft (towed water skiing or wake boarding).
  • Physical damage to the boat, machinery, and equipment.
  • If you get injured by an uninsured watercraft operator.
  • Additional passengers and water-skiers

PWCs are great boats, affordable, easy to use and safe for swimmers and wildlife; whether you might use it for recreational or non-recreational uses, tow-in surfing, lifeguarding, used by police and rangers to enforce laws.

However, you can choose a Personal Watercraft insurance tailored specifically for you, based on your needs and the characteristics of your boat, or aditional equipment, such as: Water-ski coverage, extended medical payment limits, unlimited use of your PWc with no restrictions of time or location, repair facilities by towing to the nearest mechanics, and other.

Personal Watercraft Insurance

Some people think that the insurance for a personal watercraft is covered under the homeowner policy, but the true is that it's not specified, you need to add specific coverage for your safety and peace of mind, also because some companies even offer personal watercraft policies from a motorcycle policy.The coverages must include: physical damage, wreck removal, high liability limits, medical bills, and optional coverages if you see necessary, such as: trailer coverage, personal property, accessories, towing, and more.

There are people that own a personal watercraft for fun and to practice water sports, but there's other huge number of people that see the acquisition of boats for investment maybe because they rent the PWCs for people interested in them. However, there are companies that offer two kind of insurance for both cases:

  • PWC insurance for personal use: You might be very interested in protecting your PWC, you and your family, due to the great expense that it represents, this insurance affects only your PWC and circumstances arount it.
  • PWC insurance for commercial use: If you have a business related to PWC you'll need a tailored insurance to protect your investment.

To select the adequate insurance you can compare between services from different companies, for that you should remember that getting an insurance quote for your PWC couldn't be easier, you can call and contact companies, write emails to those companies or use special applications to get all the information on your hands.