Small Boat Insurance

As you do some research about boat insurances, you'll notice that for agencies that provides the service, the size surely matters, as in any other kind of insurance, you'll find that almost any kind of boat has its own and particular kind of insurance. The policies, covering and specially the price are according to the size while big boats might be covered with yacht insurance; the rest might be included in small boat insurance.

Small boat insurance

Some companies consider the small boat insurance as part of the standard boat insurance it means the insurance that you can get when buy any boat, the insurance for these boats is cheaper because the risk is not big as with bigger boats; small boats are more agile and quick so they don't have accidents commonly.

To buy insurance for your boat is, more than an expense, an investment; because when you buy your own boat you need to be sure that this is going to cover all situations that could damage your new acquisition.

Small boat insurance can be found in different categories, if you want high quality insurance with high coverage levels and maybe low excess, this might cost you more than common insurance, but if you still want to get something that's cheap and won't cost the earth, you should look for different agencies to find a good deal.

A good way to find the insurance that could fit your needs is by getting a range of quotes, although this task could be tough and take long time contacting each insurer, wait on hold, submit your details, and receive a response. However, there are agencies that can do this hard task for you, and there're also online comparison systems that help you get in few minutes quotes from a range of companies, so they help you save time in the process instead of having to contact each insurance company individually. Then they provide all the information so you can take a decision.


  • Having a boat is for itself a luxury acquisition, and considering what it cost, you cannot forget to acquire a boat insurance to cover any physical loss or damage in case of accident or any unexpected situation, such as: Accidents, fire, Collision, Theft of any part of the Boat (subject to security conditions) or the entire Boat, malicious acts of third parties, civil disturbance, and more.
  • Some aspects that small boat insurance can cover include:
    • Reparation or replacement of covered property.
    • Personal needs, including: legal defense costs, pollution cleanup and containment coverage and wreck removal.
    • Reasonable medical and related expenses, limits vary according to insurance agency, including or not the persons aboard.
    • Protection for the clothing, personal effects and fishing gear of the boat owner and their guests.
    • More

Most agencies divide the policies in four main categories, the cover for the Boat, cover for the boat trailer, cover for personal property, and liability to third parties, you must analyze each part before getting small boat insurance.