Speed Boat Insurance

A speed boat is a motor boat, called that way due to is powered by an engine, you can find the boat in different brands, such as: Donzi, Sea-Doo, Bayliner, Sea Ray, Yamaha among the most recognized. You'll see these boats in cruises, racings, and other sportive activities. If you own a boat of this kind you need to think immediately on the speed boat insurance compulsory.

The most possible reason why you acquire a speed boat is because you like the adrenaline in rides, and buying this kind of boat is a huge investment so you might be interested in finding the right speed boat insurance, in order to protect your investment and have a ride full of adrenaline rush.

Speed Boat Insurance

Speed boats are famous and preferred mostly due to the thrilling high speeds they can reach and the gorgeous designs, it might be symbolize the luxury and love for adventure of the owner, and for new boat owners, it's recommended to look for basic training before using all attributes of the boat, also to learn about rules and regulations to conduct a boat.

You'll only enjoy the fullest your brand new speed boat if you acquire the adequate insurance that at minimum must consider:

  • Loss or damage originated by accident, theft, fire, malicious damage or negligence
  • Dropping off or falling overboard of outboard motors.
  • Third party liability cover for certain amount of money.
  • Theft cover.
  • Transit Cover.
  • Medical bills in case of accidents.
  • Cover for water skiing liability and towing of toys liability; this covers up to two people being towed at any one time. (This covering is very important for speed boats).
  • Legal expenses.

However, there are some things that your insurance possible won't cover, such as the corrosion that's why you must be careful with your boat, loss of value due to the use, the loss of value due to reparation, damage of the boat in case of transportation, among others.

Those are some basics and general coverings and exclusions, but you need to ask for quotes to several agencies to know what exactly covers your speed boat insurance, it'll depend on several factors such as how long you have been boating, what velocity can reach the boat, these and other factors you need to analyze, and you even can hire a person for doing it instead of you, because it's true that this is a very hard task, especially if you are new in the whole world of boats and boat insurances.

Remember that speed boats are designed for no other reason than go fast, and its velocity increases the risk of the vehicle, therefore you won't find a cheap insurance that could covers all eventualities, that's why you should ask more for quality than for a cheap price, because some insurances have exclusions for certain activities or risks and so it is important that you select a policy that covers everything you need.