Traveling on holidays is definitely one of the most common activities among people around the world, you can go camping, swimming, have a really nice day on the beach, skiing and much more. In case you want to spend more time out of home, you can travel to another cities and stay at hotels, pay for travel packages to go at specific locations with specific services, and also travel to another countries. Nevertheless, have you ever thought in a cruising holiday? Imagine waking up, going out to the deck and breathing the magnificent air of the open sea, sounds great right? So it is time to talk about cruising.


What's the best season for cruising?

One of the most important things to take into account at the time of cruising is definitely the season, for example, Christmas and New Year's holidays are the most expensive seasons, but at the same time are perfect to go out with your entire family, so take a while to review the different options available and try to book in advance, about 9 months would be fine, that way you can find better prices than booking one week before sailing.

In case you go on your own sailboat then this is much easier, you can choose pretty much any season, so whenever you and your family have time; just go out and enjoy the magnificent experience of the sea.


Cruise activities

Nowadays big cruisers have pretty much everything, you can find amazing swimming pools, cinemas, theaters, surf facilities and much more, and to make this even better, you can also enjoy some in-sea activities like diving and fishing. During nights, you can enjoy magnificent concerts, plays and even dance and have a drink at the clubs within the facilities. But this is not all, if you want a gym; there are gyms, want a haircut; there are hair & beauty salons, want to play; there are casinos and arcade games, and if you want to have a relaxing massage; there are spas too, as you can see, pretty much everything!

In case you go on your own cruising sailboat you can do many things too, just for mention some you can fish and cook on board, you can just stay at the deck and enjoy the sun, you can swim and dive, and obviously enjoy the magnificent view of the open sea.


There are many things to take into account at the time of cruising, so let's take a look at some of the most important:

  • Book in advance: This is really important, if you take a while to see the different options available and book in advance, you can get what you really want and have the experience you expect, for example, if you are traveling with your family, you can choose suits one next to the other; or a familiar suite, that way you will be close to your kids all the time, and also pay better prices than booking a month before sail. Booking 9-12 months in advance is perfect.
  • Air tickets: Having a plan is definitely a good idea for this type of activities, and air tickets are part of it. For example, if you are sailing on December 29th then you should have bought your air tickets at least 6 months earlier, why? Because air tickets on holidays are much more expensive and harder to find, so there you will have 2 problems, the tickets would be really expensive, and you might even not be able to buy them.
  • Ships: It is also important to pick the correct ship, there are a lot of options out there, so again, take a while to research and see what benefits they give you, for example, you want to spend great vacations with your friends, you are all adults around 40s, so you probably won't like to be into a ship with a lot of kids, other example, you are going with your family and you want a ship where your kids will have a lot of fun, so you will probably pick a ship that includes a lot of kid's attractions.
  • Other recommendations: If you are going on a cruiser during some special holiday like Christmas then do not forget to carry your Christmas outfits (in case you like them), if you want to use special clothes with your family then do it too, also remember to have all your paperwork in order, it means your documents, passport, yours and your kid's too, take a while to get all the necessary documents and avoid last hour problems. If you need special medication, be sure you have enough for the entire trip, the same for sun block and do not forget your sun glasses.