Drag Anchor

More boaters whether they are experienced or new ones face some difficult situations on board such as dragging the anchor. This is a dangerous situation that demands a quickly action of boaters, in order they maintain the boat and crew safely. Every boater needs to be prepared for this, because it can happen at any moment, sooner or later. To affront this problem successful, we invite you to know more about it.

Dragging anchor

How to face this situation? Well, here in our section "drag anchor" we give you some advices.

How can you notice that the dragging anchor is happening? Or which are the signals? Well, sometimes the rumbling of an all-chain rode can alert to you, and other times the signal can be that other boats anchor to leeward appear and move gradually upwind on the road to your stern.

When you see the previous signals, you have to think and take an action quickly. One of the first steps you can take is letting out more anchor line as much as you can, but always avoiding fouling another boat, doing it your rode will have a good angle of pull, and the anchor should dig into the ground and not be pulled up out of the ground.

In case you need a quick solution, you can try to start and run slowly the engine ahead in order to take some pressure off of the anchor until the storm stops. That is a solution if the storm doesn't continue, but what if it is settling in for not a short time? If that is the case, you will need to take other action or find other solution.

Another solution is using the kedge. You have to load the anchor into the boat and flake its line downward on top of it. In order to make things easier, take the boat to the side from which the wind is blowing. How you achieve this? You have to pay out the anchor line as the boat goes.

Besides, once it is reached the end of the line, jump down the anchor to the other side, contrary to the side where the anchor is already down, this way there will be two lines forming a V at the bow. After doing that you have to adjust those lines, this way the anchors will take the strain.

In case the first anchor hasn't reset itself after doing the previous actions, then you must allow the secondary anchor takes all the pressure meanwhile you reset the first anchor form the boat. Also, in order to gain ground to windward, it is a good idea you weigh each of the anchors, but only if there is not so windy. Take care of doing this.

Take actions carefully on board, so, in this case if the wind is onshore and the holding quality of the anchorage is unsure, then you have to be prudent. Also, there are other actions you can take to prevent this kind of situations.

We hope that this section "Drag anchor" result useful for you. There are other things you have to know, that is why we invite you to read other info related to operating a boat.