Undocking Boat

Undocking as docking a boat are two main aspects you must know with prior planning if possible, a little mistake can not only damage your boat, put in risk your passengers (family or friends) but also costs you an unforgettable humiliation, with practice you'll notice that the process of undocking boat will result very natural, but for your firsts trips you must have an undocking plan.

For undocking the boat you will need some help of your passengers, it's important to let them understand what they have to do, you must be very clear giving instructions. There are many ways to undock because the procedure will depend on several aspects, such as the traffic in the area, wind, current and water depth.

Procedures for undocking boat

It's known that sometimes undocking is easier than returning, and it's even more difficult because many people make try to dock with sails full rather than flapping;

The procedure for undocking a boat depends on some situations that you'll face, we explain two of the most common:

When winds pushing your boat from the dock:

  • We can't compare to steer like a car, the first think that you must consider is the lines, cast off all them and pull in fenders, this is a precaution for the winds.
  • Check and expect a prudence distance between your boat and other boats, and the dock because it can pivot on its axis and you can damage the boat (the stern), when it's enough far you can shift to forward and depart.

When winds pushing your boat in direction to the dock the process is more complicated, you can follow these steps:

  • The first step is to cast off all lines, except the bow spring line (with a long of about 1 1/2 times the total length of your cruising boat) that will help you move forward and move the stern away from the dock to avoid any damage.
  • Then you can use a cowcatcher forward to pad the bow against the dock.
  • Then you can turn on the motor in de direction to move the stern and keep it away from the dock.
  • You don't have to accelerate, use an idle speed to get away; till you find your boat free from obstacles and risks.
  • It's time to cast off the line that is left (the spring line) and increase the distance from the dock.
  • If you feel that you're far enough, you can shift to forward (be careful with other boats, swimmers or any other obstacle that could appear on your way).

To have success in this process of Undocking Boat depends on your preparation and correct planning, remember that the difficulty depends on de wind and current, and it will be harder if they are contrary and other boats are nearby, on the other hand if wind and current work in your favor, the undock will be easier and simple.