A Banga or Bangca is a type of boat used in the Philippines for fishing and transporting passengers. The bangca is one of the existing heritages in the Philippines to date and it is very singular by its lateral support next to the boat, called stabilizers. Travel or take a stroll in one of these ancestral boats is an attractive in all Philippines; an afternoon fishing is the most common activity with these particular boasts. One of the oldest boats used by people of Southeast Asia has an own sport, too as a modern sport, the Outrigger canoe racing.

Ancient bangca boat

Bangcas are constructed with a long thin central hull and a solid, buoyant, horizontal wooden skid, named an outrigger, 1 to 3 meters from both sides of the hull. These are often paddled or powered by a car engine driving a propeller, however in the past; the Bangcas was the power boats of ancient Filipinos; many historians affirm that the Philippines people traveled to New Zeeland and the Polynesian in these kind of boat. For this reason, the boat survived the time and is still used today. Even, the boat has a specialized sport, the Outrigger canoe racing that is practiced mostly in Hawaii.

Actually in the Philippines, the Bangcas are used as fishing boats and these contributes to the economy of this sector in the country. A few years ago, the traditional boats began to be used as a tourist maritime transport and the service is the most requested by pairs or groups of visitors who want to know all the charms of the Philippine Sea, traveling on a Bangca, other Philippine attractive. The visitant can find these boats, throughout all of Southeast Asia, due to the influence of the tourist activity in this region. In addition, the boats can suffer little modification in other parts of Southeast Asia.

Modern bangca boat

Nowadays, the boats inspired in the Philippines boats, are called Outrigger but these boats conserve many forms of the original boats. The Philippines are located in South Pacific and these boats played an important role in the exploration of the Pacific Ocean by the Polynesians. In this form, the Polynesians traveled to many and different islands of Pacific, establishing towns and cities. Now, the Bangcas maintain their traditional style but these are made with new materials as plastics, aluminum and other materials. In this way, these traditional boats contributed to develop of Polynesian in all Pacific islands.

Bangca boat and sports

These heritage boats born in Philippines but the sport are practiced in Hawaii, State of EE UU. Practiced as style of canoeing, this sport has many clubs around the world. However, in Hawaii, Outrigger canoe racing is practiced by entire Hawaiian families in summers and the child practice it since 6 years old. Like regattas, the practice of this Outrigger canoe racing is with one to five persons in local tournament. Finally, the Bangca boat an all its variety are testimony of the wit Philippine people. Animate to take a ride on these fantastic traditional Philippine boats.