Barge is an interesting type of boat, the most important activity of Barge is to transport heavy goods. The structure is very simple, some of this have its own propulsion system and others require been pushed by towboats.

Many people say that this boat had its beginning in France around the XII century, and they consider that this boat was an important way of transport in the early industrial revolution.

At the beginning this boat was propelled by long poles, but the difficulty to transport was enormous and transport products in that way took a long time, because of this many people preferred use auto propulsion or pushed other boat.


Nowadays Barges are used to transport many products, it is one of the preferred by people because of its less cost, this kind of boats are used to transport heavy and light products. The maximum weight that these embarkations support is around 1,500 tons.

The most common types of barges are the listed:

  • Barracks barge
  • Car float
  • Crane Barge
  • Dry bulk cargo barge
  • Dutch barge
  • Hopper barge
  • Hotel barge
  • Jack up barge
  • Narrow boat
  • Norfolk Wherry
  • Pleasure barge
  • Powerboat barge
  • Royal barge
  • Spitz barge
  • Thames sailing barge
  • Tom Pudding

These boats are very common in Poland, Holland and Great Britain besides United States, its use is clearly commercial. The design of these boats facilitated the transport of products between countries in Europe and Asia.