Cabin Cruiser

Cabin cruiser is a type of boat that could be considered a high quality boat, that offers several advantages for its crews and passengers, Cabin cruiser could be defined as a yacht on a smaller scale, but with the same positive points that a yacht.

The most important advantages are:

  • In Cabin cruiser we could find several commodities such as kitchen, a small dining room, every one of them has a bathroom and a little but very comfortable bedroom.
  • We must mention that the new models are very sophisticated; their structure consists in 50% of Fiberglass (a lightweight, very elastic and effective material).

The easy maneuverability become this boat in one of the preferred by young and old people. The most important characteristics of these new types of boats are: The New and most modern models of Cabin Cruiser are produced 100% hand-made with high quality materials, 100% composite construction, and the stringer system is entirety molded with fiberglass.

Cabin Cruiser

The most common range size for this boat is 25 to 45 feet, and majority of them has its own water heaters and its own electric system, and some of them with Solar Panels.

The new design of Cabin Cruiser prioritizes aspects such as, consistent finish, hydrodynamics, the security and aerodynamics; because of that the majority of them are faster than the past sailboat models.

We must mention the flotation system that is based in injected foam, an important advantage is the glassed in bow platform with hatch, we could affirm that the all boat is manufactured with stainless steel hardware.