The catboat is a sailboat that is characterized by a vessel where a mast is located close to the bow of the boat. There are different kinds of catboats because a lot of boat manufacturers business does not always place mast close to the bow, those boats although they do not look like a catboat they are technically one.

Catboat sailing

History of catboat

The origins of the catboat are in New York at the middle of the XIX century. It was created thinking of getting simplicity, big capacity, easy handle and shallow draft. Around that time this kind of water transportation way was used mostly for fishing.

The way that these catboat boats were used changed in the XX century, because some people modify it for being able to compete in raced. These catboats in order to being boast that have chances of winning a race fitted bowsprits and several things more so the embarkation can be able of taking advantage of the wind better.

Because of the decrease in the percentage of people that race and the gasoline motor, the catboat is now used as a pleasure craft for traveling during the day. Some catboats although the stability and simple handle can perform poorly in some conditions.

Difference between Catboat and Catamaran

Although the names are pretty similar you have to remember that the catamarans are multihull water crafts meanwhile the catboats are a single hull craft.