Dutch Barge

Dutch barge

A Dutch barge was originally used to carry up cargo in the Netherlands. These boats had a flat bottom, were wood and powerboats. Over time, these boats were converted in residential or pleasure boats.Most of the existing Dutch barges are made of steel or iron and with diesel engines.

These types of boats have between 15 meters and 40 meters in length. Dutch barge was designed with flat bottom so these models are lighter than the Humber barge.

Types of Dutch barge

There are several traditional types of Dutch barges, each one with characteristics determined by custom or local conditions. For example: Aak, Beurtschip, Hagenaar, Katwijker, Klipper, Luxe motor, Skûtsje, Steilsteven, Tjalk, Westlander.

Luxe motor Dutch barge
  • Tjakls: This type of Dutch barge was one of the most popular barges. A Tjalks was originally created for sailing, but then it was added an engine.This type had much buoyancy, and was built of riveted iron.
  • Luxe Motors: This type of Dutch barge was designed in the 1920s. A Luxe motor had a luxury accommodation for living, and had between 18 meters and 30 meters in length. This model of barge supplanted the alder tjalk and aak hull models rapidly, because this type was offering a wider beam, straighter sides and lengths which exceeded the largest models of the older barges.
  • Skûtsje: This type of barge is a Frisian sailing boat of the type tjalk. The skûtsje were created as ordinary cargo boats, however, over time these barges have become in prized ships and they are considered icons of Frisia. These boats have between 12 meters and 20 meters in length, by 3.5 meter wide.

The Dutch barge is a boat created for the purpose of loading; however, nowadays, many of them are used as places to live.These types of boats have different sizes but they are famous and recognized by their cruiser stern and vertical stem.