The gondolas are pretty traditional boats from Venice and they are propeller by a man with an oar.
This kind of boat was designed exclusively to the Venetian population, because it was a popular way of transportation in old times, also the way how it was built was specially to move in Venice.

Gondolas has a flat bottom to avoid any issue while in the streets, they are black and are drove by a gondolier (driver), they were very popular long time ago but today they are mostly use for the transportation of tourist.

What is a gondola

The Gondola is the symbol of Venice, which is pretty elegant and can be drove pretty easy by a man.  Gondolas cannot by drove by women because of the traditions of the city.
A more technical definition will say that the gondolas are a simple hull with a plain bottom, an ornamented arc and a simple stern. This arc generally carries a ferro at its end that is why people say that is ornamented.

Evolution of the Gondola

The gondolas models are not static, they have changed during the time and even these days are changing, more recently the latest modes are made by a single solid wood instead of constructing it with plywood.
The old models use to have a cover in the middle that was like a cabin of the boat, but nowadays they are not in use because it covers the view of the city.

Meaning of Gondola

Gondola in las Vegas
The word gondola has uncertain origin and some people think that it comes from the Latin “Cymbula” which means little boat and others think that it comes from “cuncula” which means shell.


Gondolas were the usual transportation vessel that the populations of Venice uses, but today that have changed because they are pretty expensive to ride and they are used know for tourism or in weddings, or as a sailboat.