Houseboat is  a regular boat that have been change for its owners to become a house, regularly this kind of boats do not move and stay in one place only (like regular houses) but some of them are able to be moved with its own power source.
There are a lot of houseboats in the world and some regions of several countries can be listed, check the following list:

Houseboats in Australia

There are a lot of houseboats in Australia in different places like: Murray River and Queensland. Some of the boats in these different places are able to move and some others not. Depending of the houseboat the model of the houseboat the number of bedrooms may vary, they may also very in the number of floors (multi stories). There are some houseboats in this city that are available for rent.

Houseboats in Canada

Although they are not very popular, there are plenty of places where houseboats may be used. Some of the few houseboats in the shores of Canada are motorized so they change its places a lot.

Houseboats in Germany

Some of the most popular shores where houseboats of Germany are located are in Berlin and Hamburg.

Houseboats in Hong Kong

Aberdeen fishing village is a house boat community in Hong Kong located at the southern region of the city.

Houseboats in India

Houseboats are pretty usual in the backwaters of Kerala and Dal Lake.
Houseboat sailing

Houseboats in Lagos

Lagos houseboats are mainly used for touristic purposes. They are generally from wooden and from steel.

Houseboats in United Kingdom

There are a lot of canals for narrow boats in the United Kingdom that are used to tied up a houseboat, which is why the population of houseboats in this congregations of countries is high, a lot of them are use for vocational purposes.

Houseboats in United States

There are a lot of houseboats in the United States, mostly in Seattle Washington that is also known because of the large number of this kind of vessel in the area (500 vessels).