Inflatable Boat

Inflatable boat with seat

Inflatable boats are light weighted vessels that are constructed with light materials and pressurized gas. Depending of the size of the boat it may has the base and arc solid because generally the small ones are entirely flexible. Larger boats generally have platinum in the base and in the part where the motor is supposed to be placed.

These boats when are inflated are rigid so they are portable and pretty useful, that is why they are used in life rafts and aircrafts, also in several recreation sports. It may be called with different names, such as: inflatable, rubber dinghy, inflatable rescue boat or rubber duck.

Types of inflatable boats

Inflatable boat and paddles

There are different types of inflatable boats, here a brief description of them:

  • Traditional: this inflatable boat has inflatable collar and soft floor. They are called dinghys and are used mostly by people that have sailboats or powerboats.
  • Roll up: they are boats that have keel which are considered as sport boats. They can reach high speeds and are for people that want to storage a boat when it is not in use.
  • RIB: this kind of boat is rigid. They have hard hulls and inflatable collar, which allow the embarkation to a stable navigation. This kind of boat is the most popular one.


Inflatable boats can reach high speed and because of the portability they have several purposes.

  • If they have a rigid hull, they are used for scuba diving.
  • If they fulfill the regulation requirements for being a life saving equipment, it can be used a saving device.
  • They might be used for military purposes.
  • Because of the quick they are inflatable boats are used by the life guards.
Inflatable boat

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