Jeatboat is a kind of light boat that does not use a propeller instead of that uses a turbine that expel the water under the boat to produce power. The maneuverability of them is pretty high.
There is no limit when thinking of manufacturing a jet boat, because it depends mostly of the use that the owner is going to give to it. Because as your demand for the engine, the durable the materials of the boats should be.


There are different types of jet boats mostly because they change because of the use that is going to has. The biggest ones are in the army and the faster ones are on the transportation system of several countries as ferries.


Most of the jet boats are used in the same activities that regular boats are used for, such as:

  • Surf exploration
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Coast guard
  • Ferry service
  • Adventure tourism
  • sports
  • Exploration
  • Police patrol
Jetboat Race

The maneuverability of the jetboat is high and that is because it is not large and some of them like the jet skis behaves like a normal motorcycle. There are several maneuvers that experience jetboats know to change the direction of the boat so if you want to try them you should first have some experience.

Even the larger jet boats can perform some of the hard maneuvers that the regular jetboats can do. That is why this kind of boat is more popular.