Jet Skis are also known as Personal Watercraft (PWC).  Originally it was manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. All models of Yamaha are commonly known as Jet Skis. However, they received the official name of Wave Runners. The Jet Ski is also known as jetski.

Clayton Jacobson II received the attribution of inventing the PWC. Jacobson, the motocross fan, designed this type of vessels by 1960. Years later, in 1973 Kawasaki made that the audience know about the jetski. At the beginning, this model was a stand-up PWC with a handlebar steering and a power of 400 cc. This model had a great reception from the public. However, the Jet Ski still would need to improve through a better development with handling and stability.

Jet skis were even more secure and easier to manipulate in 1980. Then, the Jet Ski included a seat to carry 2 passengers. It also improved bringing a major stability and convenience. Jet skis continue developing with popularity and a greater efficiency of the machines in 1990. After, appeared the Sea-Doo sit down PWC and was the boat who obtained the best sales in the world.


Thanks to the continuous development of the Jet Ski, were opened new spaces for its usage. There were different events organized by the United States where competed participants with personalized models. For the decade of 1970’s, the free style turned into a professional sport.

Participants rode standing and made a variety of tricks for the audience. It was considered their presentation and technique.

Actually, you could enjoy riding a Jet Ski or other power boats with your family or friends on vacation.