Junk boat

A Junk is the name of ancient Chinese sailboat which is used at present. Bamboo rafts were previous vessels that served as the basis to develop junks.  Junk is a term that could be used for different types of vessels such as cruises, high seas, pleasure boats and carrying loads. They have highlights differences with respect the size and the rig type.

However, they seem to have the same appearance for western eyes.  This people see that all of those vessels have the same particular and remarkable feature which is their battened sails.
Junks are sailboats that were used by Chinese people. These vessels could have from 2 to 4 sails. Masts are made of bamboo because it is a very strong material that don’t require of too much nooses. Generally, junks that are large measure approximately around 492 feet of length. These types of vessels can travel all over the world. In addition, junks of average size have the capacity to relocate food from one city to another.

It should be noted, that Marco Polo was a crewmember of this type of vessels. This famous traveler went to the Mongol court. Marco polo mentioned that he saw junks with 4 masts with 60 cabins for traders and 300 crews approximately.

Junks have interesting features thanks to its flexibility and structure. These vessels are quick and easy to handle in comparison with a typical square coupled vessel. Nowadays, junks are still used by a lot of families who also live there. Also, they use the junk to make money.