A kayak is a tiny boat. Kayaks have a narrow distribution that works with the human power. It is designed to row with a double leaf paddle. Also, you can find that typical kayaks have a covered floor and 1 or more cockpits, and each seat belongs to a rower. In United Kingdom and in some countries, kayaks could be seen as a category of canoes. Initially, kayaks was used and made by Aleut and Ainu people. As well as, Eskimos hunters from subarctic in the northeastern of Asia, Greenland and North America.

When you go for kayaking, you will need to use a paddle and a kayak to get around the water. The difference between kayaking and canoeing is that in case of kayaks the paddling area is closed while the canoe is open. Another difference is that kayakers have to sit down on the bottom of the kayak with stretched legs in comparison with canoeists who sit down on a booster seat or kneel on the floor of the boat.

Kayaks’ cockpits could be covered by deck of spray which avoids the entrance of spray or water. In addition, it helps to qualified and trained kayakers to roll their kayaks. It refers to the act of straightening a turned kayak through the use of the body movement and/or a paddle. Contemporary kayaks have more stability through different methods of recovering like a preventive focus. Thereby, it is possible to reduce the probability of kayak’s capsize. Along these years, the kayak’s design has changed and improved in many ways. Kayaks are propelled through small electric engines. If possible, they are propelled by outboard gas motors.

According to their usage, kayaks are divided in 5 types: light touring/day tripping, surf, touring/expedition, general recreation and whitewater.

Light touring/day tripping:

These kayaks are especially for people who want to have longer days with light overnights. Also, they are faster but they are not as stable as general recreation kayaks.


 Surf kayaks come with hard edges and flat bottoms. These kayaks are made of fiberglass. If you want to search a boat to be used for ocean surf wave, you should choose surf kayaks.


 Touring kayaks are for people who paddle fair distances. They are made for long expeditions and trips with the necessary comfort.

General recreation:

 Is designed for people who like to take photographs, go fishing or even enjoy paddling on a lake. These kayaks are affordable and not expensive for people. Kayaks for recreation have a bigger cockpit to facilitate the entry and exit. Also, it has more stability than other kayaks. You could find kayaks clubs who gives you a preliminary lesson to start the adventure on this type of kayak.


 Whitewater kayaks are commonly designed for a whitewater river. They could extend from moving water to extreme whitewater. The whitewater kayaks is made of polyethylene. Kayaks of this type have a special construction that keeps its structure in case of fast moving water. You can find 2 types of whitewater kayaks: creekboat and playboat.