Ketch boat

There are different types of sailboats. Ketch was consider a fishing boat, its name (Ketch) comes from the word cacchen that mean catch or capture. The original structure that this boat is not too different to the current design there are some differences for example: the mizzen was bigger to hold the bow of a Boat toward the wind and oncoming waves
Ketch is one of the most popular Boats in Many countries, the majority of people highlight its structure that facilitates travel of long distances, the most common Ketches consist in 2 masts with one largest that the other one.

To long distance travel many people add an extra sailing craft to ensure a better balance. The most common and usual equipment consist in:

  • Security Equipment such as, life jackets, extinguisher and first aid kit. 
  • Global position system (GPS), Compass, and Navigation system.
  • Connector for IPad, MP3, Dolby Surround system, IPod and Iphone
  • Cooler for cold beverages, beer, sodas and other.
  • Water board and snorkel equipment.
  • Surfing equipment.
  • Some of them offer skin diving equipment.

A big majority of these boats are used to travel long distances, there are several boats like this, and with some differences we could say that this boat is one of the most preferred by people in several countries, because of the advantages that Ketch offers.

Ketch is a beautiful boat that offers many positive points such as its awesome maneuverability and its high velocity that helped to win the Whitbread Round the World race in 1989.