Luxe Motor

Luxe motor

These power boats were created in Holland in approximately 1920s. The majority of these boats have very similar characteristics. If we talk about the structure these boat is not too long in contrast to the boats of the current era.

Luxe Motor’s sizes vary in different ranges, the most common sizes were between 15 to 40 meters, and in 1950s these boats lost their popularity with the appearance of the public transportation by trains and cars.
An important advantage of this boat was that it used to have a comfortable luxury accommodation. Most of these boats were used to provide a relaxing and comfortable stay, with the most modern conditions of the era.

Luxe Motor is made from 70% of wood and the rest of steel. Many people could say that there is nothing more comfortable than a House, but the comforts that this boat offers are awesome. The typical Luxe Motor boat offers several bedrooms (2 or 3 approximately) everyone with 2 or 3 beds, at least one bathroom, a beautiful main room and a Kitchen.
The average length is around 25 meters, and is propelled by a diesel motor. The power of the motor depends about the weight of the boat. The average boat is capable of carrying more that 6000 liters.

As we said at the first part this boat was created in Holland but now is used in many countries, for example Great Britain, United States, Italy, The majority with high quality materials and first quality finishes.