Norfolk Wherry

England is an interesting country located at the Norwest of Europe. Considered the industrial center of United Kingdom is an outstanding country that is involved in several economic activities, its capital London is a multicultural city.

The big quantity of rivers and lakes in this country has produced the rapid advance of technology in boats. The Norfolk Wherry is a particular type of boat that was created in England with especial characteristics that make it different from the rest.

Many people say that this type of boat has their origins in the XVII century (it said that this boat was used with oars), the main use of this boat used to have was to transport several primarily products and merchandise.

This boat was used as the most important way of transports products and people until the appearance of the trains and public transportation, at the beginning of this change, Norfolk Wherry were obligated to lowest its prices in transportation of merchandise. The objective tries to compete with these new means of transport.
The big advantage of these sailboats was the big capacity of transport, the maximum weight that this boat support is 25 tons. This boat was the favorite for the customer and producer. The transportation was a profitable business.

Norfolk Wherry

As you should know nowadays this boat is being used for several touristic companies to transport many people in cruisers. We recommend these types of boat to make leisure travel for young couples, groups of friends, just married and for the family.