Padded V-hull

padded v-hull

A padded v-hull is a different kind of watercraft that provide high performance which is also a powerboat.
The V model is pretty common and is made to face easy the waves cutting them with the V form of the arc of the boat that extends to its stern. The padded of the boat is a plain part of a boat; it is located at the end of the V part or at the end of the hull and allows this kind of boat to reach high speeds while driving it.

That is why several of these boats are used for racing. They are also very maneuverable because the V part make it easy, it is not the case for the flat bottom boats that are not as a flexible as the v-hulls.



If you are planning to drive a padded V-hull it is important you be patient and practice a lot because if the craft accelerate it will be maintaining in an area not larger than a size of a paper towel. The driver of this craft should maintain the craft in the air moving the its steering a little bit to both sides. If the boat is not driven correctly it will move side to side from its V part and it will become dangerous for its crew.