using a pirogue

Pirogues are traditional small boats that were used in the Mash Rivers of Louisiana by the Canju ethnic. They were also used as fishing boats in West Africa by the local people. Today, the definition of pirogue: it is any embarkation that is paddle with a single oar. This oar is not stick to the boat instead of that it can be freely moved by the person who controls the pirogue.

These boats are not meant to be sailed at night but instead of that they are easy to take onto land because they are small and light. The design of the Pirogue is easily maneuver in mashes and can be easily turned in almost every water territory and if water enter to the boat it can be drain just by turning the boat.


This kind of boat is traditional powered by oars but as all kind of transportation has evolved during the time, they can be also sailed and more recently they can use outboard motors.


Pirogues were the name that people used to use for one piece canoes. They were used by traditional fishermen in the swamps of Louisiana where several people were established. The name of this kind of embarkation is highly use in several books so it is believed that the boat has a long history.

landing a pirogue


There are a lot of designs for this kind of embarkation. They can be small and others large that can have the potential to carry more than 10 people on it.


  • It can be used as a transportation system, as it was long before.
  • ¬†Fisher boat.
  • It was used in wars.