Power boat is every kind of boat that uses a motor, which depending of the position of the engine can be said that they have it motor inboard or outboard. They are located in the rear and generally use a propeller that allows it to move.


Depending of the position of the engine the power boats may be classified in:

  • Inboard direct drive: they are boats that have its engine very close to the middle and sometimes actually in the middle. The propeller of this kind of boats is a on the opposite side of where the engine is located
  • Inboard V-drive: the power plant of this boat is located in the back of the boat, facing backwards. The bottom of the boat is not flat, instead of that it forms a V, which makes that the boat breaks easily difficult waves. ┬áThis kind of boats are becoming very popular because of the speeds that they reach and because that some of them are built to cross the ocean.

Power boats in the history.

power boat

The evolution of the power boats stated at the time the first engine was created, because with the creation of this very useful invention ideas to help in the propeller power appear.
The first boat with an engine used a petrol motor. That was tested at Stuttgart and help to the engineering to think about new ways of propulsion. Although there were attempts of combining a motor and a boat, like the boats that use steam engine, they were not as successful as the mix of the petrol engine and the boat. At the beginning of the history of the power boats there were a few boats that use other power source than sail and oars. But once the engine was created a lot of boat manufacturers change the way that their boats uses propulsion.
The first motor boat was built in England in 1904 and the one in the USA was built in 1908. Both persons that design the boat were great scientific that look for a better, faster and safer way of traveling in a boat.
Among the power boats some of the most popular ones are:

  • Ferry
  • Modern catamaran
  • V-hull boats
  • And many more.