Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat

Fast rigid boat

If you want to search boats and find those such as the rigid-hulled inflatable boat you are in the right place.
A rigid-hulled inflatable boat or RHIB that is also known as rigid-inflatable boat or RIB is a boat that mixes the best of the inflatable boats and other boats, because it has a solid hull and malleable tubes in the gunwale.  The RIB is an evolution of the inflatable boat that has an inflatable collar that allows the embarkation to float even when it faces difficult situations, such as: a lot of rain, big waves, and storms, all of them shipping a lot of water on the boat.


The boat origins can go to 1967 to the Atlantic Collage in England where a professor and his students decide to combine a rigid hull with inflatable tubes, although the performance was not the better one the combination was perfect and it works, later this model was used in several lifeboats because they can face several hard weather conditions.
In North America the boat enter to the country because the school opens a branch collage in Canada, so they send this boat to be improved and proved by the students and the entire technician personal. One of the most remarkable successes that the Canadian collage has was that they loan their fast rescue boat to the Canadian guard coast.
lifting a rigid boat


RHIB or RIBs length can be from 4 to 9 meters but they can be found in 2.5 and 18 meters. They generally use an outboard and inboard engine.
They are used as rescue crafts, safety boats, and in large ships they can be tender boats, all of these applications are because they can have a high performance in difficult situation and also is fast enough.


They are high performance boats, because of its light weight and its shape that is like an arrow. They are good for facing rug seas, because their gunwale flexible sides absorb the impact that the waves give to the boats.



The materials that can be used to construct a hull can be steel, wood and aluminum, but the most common material that is use is a mix of wood and fiberglass, other manufacturers uses Kevlar to make the structure more durable.


The tubes are made in parts so it can face better a puncture on it. Each part has a valve so it is easier to add air on it or remove it. As many chambers the boat has the most secure it is considered because changing a chamber is easier than fixing a part of the boat. There are several materials that can be used in the tubes, for example: hypalion, pvc, pu.


Depending of the size of the boat it might has or not a wheelhouse or cabin, it is meant to provide security to the crew of the boat, the largest the RIB the bigger the cabin or wheelhouse.