Rowboats are any kind of boat that use oars, but these oars are not free to move they can be handled forms its oarlocks that are located at the gunwales. This boat can use long or short because the main thing is that the oar is placed in the oars.

Types of rowboats

There are different types of rowboats because as they are used they can be for traveling, transportation, relax or sports.

  • Skiffs: they are also called dinghy or dory. They are the most popular kind of rowboat, because of it stability. The model is stable because is large and wide, the boat is recommendable for beginners and families that want to take a little boat trip. This kind of boat is the most used boat among fishermen.
  • Open water shield: it is a mid level boat. These mild boats can be sailed in the ocean but they are more recommendable for calm water with soft winds. The model of the open water shield is narrow than the skiff model. This feature allows to the open water shield to reach higher speeds but they are not very stable when they do that. This model is not recommendable also when fishing.
  • Flat water shield: or as they are known fines. They are for professional rowers and its model is very sharp and flat, they are generally rowed in flat waters. Flat water shields are not recommendable for users that have no experience.


row boat on the river

Rowboats are believed to be invented by the Egyptians, but the Greeks were the ones that discover the use of the oars which provide control to the boat. The uses that this kind of boat was simple: fishing, lifesaving and war.
One the boat was invented there were a lot of civilization that absorb the technology, like: the Vikings and the Romans. There was also a time were this ship was used for exploration and conquest of new towns.

With the support that the oars has on the boat the power that get in the paddling increase so this feature was to increase a lot more the usability of the boat.

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