This kind of boat is propelled by sails entirely or just a part. There are a lot of vessels that can be considered as sail boats, they are generally smaller than ships and larger than regular sailboards. But this is not a mandatory rule because depending of the region and traditions several boats can be called as sailboats.

types of sail boats

There are different kinds of sailboats, but the model does not change only because of the size but because of its parts configuration and purpose. Here you will read a list of some of the most important models:
  • Sloop:

The sloop is one of the most popular kind of boat because it has a very simple distribution because it has only a mast and two sails, this feature make the sailboat an easy way of sailing towards the wind.There are also some types of sloops that vary according of its size: Jib, Genoa or Spinnaker.

  • Fractional rig sloop:

It is a sailboat that varies only a few from the regular sloops. The only thing that varies is the forestay that does not run to the top of the mast.

sail boat
  • Cutter

Cutter is very similar to the sloop but it has only one mast and one mainsail. Some of these boats have its mast close to aft so it can use two head sails and tow fore stays.  However these boats are not determined for the number of sails but for the complex configuration that allow the boat to navigate.

  • Catboat

The catboat has only one sails and does not carry a jib.

  • Ketch

Ketches are boats pretty similar to the sloops but they carry two mast, one that is the main one that is called the mizzen sail, and the shorter is mizzen mast. It is also known as the cutter-rigged with two sails.

  • Schooner

They can have more than one mast and the aftermost mast is the taller one or can be the same size as the others that come next.

  • Yawl

They are pretty similar to the schooner and the only difference is that the yawl has the mizzen smaller than then schooner mizzen.

  • Dhoni

Dhoni can be also called Doni, which can use a motor or sails. They are pretty traditional in the Arab nations.

  • Dinghy

They are small sailboats that pretty popular among the youth. They are also used in races and use less than three sails.
<h2>Parts of a Sailboat
Most of the sailboats have the same parts, they are:

sailboat and an auxiliary boat
  • Hull

Hull is the main body of a vessel, in this case of any sailboat, where you are going to be able to recognize the mast and sails.

  • Keel

All kind of boat has keels, and sailboats are not the exception. Keel is a structure that is on the back of any boat that provide stability to the boat

  • Centre board

It is also known as dagger board. A centre board is a part of a sailboat that can be pulled out if the vessel is in shallow waters. It is in essence a lightweight keel.