A schooner is one of the types of sailboats which have sails from prow to stern. Schooner could result a weird name for a vessel. Its name is attributed to the way in which it slides by water. It comes with 2 or more masts. One of them has the front mast not too high in comparison with the back masts.

At the beginning, schooners where used by Dutch during 16th or 17th century. Schooners growth is tied with the Bermuda sloop. From the early 18th century, schooners improved and developed being used in the United States more than in other countries. 
Typically, schooners had 2 masts. It was very helpful for activities that needed ability and speed.

Schooners were used for fishing on the high seas. Also, they enjoyed the privilege as pilot vessels in Europe and North America. In the late 19th century, the popularity of this vessel increased. On the Great Lakes, there were more than 2000 schooners that helped as cargo vessels.

Scow schooners were the name of ships that traveled on the rivers and coasts. These vessels had other design with a plain background and hull with blunt ends. While the Prairie Schooner was used for transportation by American pioneers and was similar to a scow schooner.

The America, the homonym of the America’s Cup and the gaff schooner also used this vessel as a racing yacht. On 1851, this race received the name as the Royal Yacht Squadron’s “One Hundred Guinea Cup”. At the end of the race resulted winning the America. Also, the name of the race was changed to America’s Cup in her honor.