A skiff is a boat which has a small size. Other varieties of crafts are also known as skiffs. These types of boats are used for fishing activities or free time. Also, they have space for 1 person, so it is for a little crew. During their growth, these boats have become upper efficiency.

Skiff is the name for those skiffs that have one sail. In addition, this term is used in Australia for different racing types. There were different sizes from 6 to 23 feet. In addition, the original model of a sharpie was strongly crewed. These sailboats are still in activity and you could find them in 2 types that are 10 and 18 foot types.

Then, the variety of skiffs types improved being more rapid and lighter. Also, skiffs had not long crews neither rigs. For racing, skiffs types took this form 12, 16 and 18 feet. The 12 feet type had 2 crews and the other two types had 3 crews which are much crewed according to their size. 

Those modern skiffs of 18 feet have a good performance. Thereby, the usage of the word skiff was to describe other types of light sailing particularly with asymmetric spinnaker and trapeze such as Cherub Skiff, 29er and 49er, and International 14. They transport less crew than the Australian Skiff Types. Also, this term could be applied in case of single handed boats such as the Musto Performance Skiff that are very far from the singular boats with heavy crew.