Swift Boat

Knowing for all the citizens in United States, it is a War Boat that has been present in several wars and operations. Its real name is Fast Patrol Craft (its acronym is PCF) but is also known as Swift Boat. This boat was small, some people said that this was an advantage but other does not think the same.

These Boats were manufactured for United States government especially for United Sates Navy, these boat were used in military operations during the time of the Vietnam War. These power boats were development by the Military Assistance Command in Vietnam through with the express request that was in 1 February 1965 with these specific words: "COIN water operations are difficult, demanding, and unique."

The Swift Boat is part of the United State history, this boat have its beginnings in the mid-'60s. The necessity of the USA navy were small boats to avoid the North Vietnamese plans (patrol the coast and intercept suspicious vessels).

In 1968 these boats were used in the coastal waters to make simple operations, but with the time these boats were used in Operations Sealords to when the Adm. Elmo Zumwalt Jr was in charge with more than one hundred of boats.

The main objective of Operation Sealords was to avoid the transport of the military weapons to the coasts of Vietnam. The first models of this boat were very simple, but with the time they have been improved with several changes such as: The inclusion of 50-caliber machine guns, 81 mm mortars, and several other modifications.

Swift Boat