Tjalk boat

Tjalk boat

Tjalk is very popular boat in Holland and Switzerland. At the beginning these sailboats did not have any motor (originally sailing boats), nowadays they use diesel motors. Its structure is very convenient, it is very roomy and comfortable in addition of very well distributed.
Tjalk, Pronounced 'challuk', offers several advantages between the bow and stern has a large displacing area, many of them provide several comforts such as dining room, bedrooms, a well distributed bath room and large recreating areas.

The average length of this boat is 18 meters approximately 59 feet and the average area is around 155 square meters, this boat was created between the years 1884 to 1890.

This boat has an incredible stability whether operated by sails or by the motor diesel. Because of this the Tjalk have become in one of the favorites boat for people from different ages, a trip in this boat is going to be a really pleasure.

The interior equipment contains several comforts such as: Electricity, Battery charger, heating appliances, hot water, oven, microwave oven, refrigerator and other and air conditioning system. The power source to the electrical equipment is provided by the diesel generator.

In Holland and Switzerland there are several free time activities, but pass time with your family or friends in these types of boats is going to be an unforgettable experience. If you have the opportunity of have a trip in Tjlalk do not have to think two times, just make a decision and start a new adventure.