Trimaran boat

There are different types of sailboats. Trimaran is an interesting and unique type of sailboat. The trimaran is a multihull boat that was created by the indigenous Polynesians 2000 years bC.

Nowadays these boats are built in factories, but there are many people that do it in the traditional way by hand. This boat have basically 3 parts, the main part is in the middle of the boat, it is called main hull or vaka, in their sides two stabilizers that are called outrigger hulls or amas.

Its name Trimaran comes from 2 words Tri and Maran. Tri means three and Maran means wood or tree. Its design is very interesting. Nowadays many of the new boats had been designed taking the Trimaran as a base.

In contrast to Catamaran, the Trimaran offers best stability, a big comfort with the reduction of the rolling and an incomparable performance, the new technologies in the design of new of these boats ensure its advantages. Its lightweight design is very well appreciated by aficionados and connoisseurs

For lovers of speed and the water adventure, Trimaran is the perfect mix. If you are an amateur in Trimaran we recommend expert technical advice and use all the security equipment before starts the adventure.

The average Trimaran boat length around 27 meters, that’s mean 90 feet. Trimaran is considered one of the faster boats in yacht racing machines over the water. Trimaran have more pros than cons, currently is called the gem in speed over the water.