The U-Boat is very famous, was created in Germany during the First World War approximately between the years of 1905 and 1910. Is first name was Unterseeboot (In German language) that’s mean undersea boat (In English).

This military submarine was a big advantage to the military maritime operations during the First and Second World War. The first idea of U-Boat was the Brandtaucher that was the first U-boat that was created in Germany.

Germany was the first country in the world in employ submarines in wars during Second World War. These actions caused several problems to the Allies army. Over the time Allies Army started to use that technology.

The major advantage was the high capacity to transport military equipment. U-boats were design to descend to great depths furthermore be able to float over the surface.
The military submarines are able to transport 50 crew members by the other side in the civil submarines the transportation capacity is not as great is approximately between 25 to 50 passengers.

The U-boat is a very interesting technological device, a u-boat is such as a sealed container that contains people, equipment and limited oxygen, this oxygen is supplied from pressurized tanks.

Many of the new Submarines have special equipment that is able to convert seawater into drinking water; this equipment can purify until 1500 liters of seawater by day.
As you should know these boats have the last technology in electronic, communication and systems. It could say that the U-boat is one of the most awesome inventions in the military history. If you want to search boats, you should continue surfing in this site.