Water Taxi

Water Taxi

Water taxi is the most common and easy way to transport people between several zones in the sea. In United States is known as commuter boat. Water taxi is the most popular public transportation between several countries in United States almost ever in an urban environment.

Majority of companies offer promotions and tour packages, all the year. The promotions includes the next states New York City, Baltimore and Boston, In other countries such as Italy there are almost the same service, for example in Venice the most common taxi service is provided by the tradition taxis called Gondolas. The Water taxi is not considered as a part of the power boats.

The system of transportation is different than a taxi service it is more like a public bus. These boat do not use a specific schedule, the operation of these boats depends of the demanding of the passengers.
Majority of companies in United States have their main water taxi port in New York all of them offer basically three services:

  • The first service consists in visits to the most important monuments and the most famous infrastructures in New York, New Jersey, etc. This is the most common way to visit the touristic attractions.
  • The cruisers are provided for groups of more than 20 passengers, many of these services are offered to companies, agencies, or individual groups. With this service many of the water companies offer transfer to the port.
  • The last service, named private service, is offered for people that want to organize the tour.  

You should consider that pets are not allowed, only dogs. Many companies water taxi companies do not allow outside food and any type of beverage.